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Exceptional Hydraulic Adapters in Illinois

High-Quality Hydraulic Adapters & Connector Fittings

At JJ's Hydraulic Service, we understand the importance of versatile equipment. That's why we carry a variety of adapters and connector fittings. With our wide range of adapter styles, you can enjoy seamless integration of even the most intricate hosing.


When you shop with us, finding the right hydraulic adapters in Illinois is a breeze. We carry adapters that connect directly onto pumps and cylinders, as well as styles that connect to the manifold. Our adapters are available in an array of materials, including gold, brass, and silver. Though we do our absolute best to carry everything you need, we may have to special order some adapters.

Our goal is to help you find what you need, making the process as simple as possible. If you experience any difficulties with your adapter, let us know. We'll come to your location and inspect your equipment as a part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Quick Connects Fittings

Designed to connect directly to your machine's hosing, our quick connect fittings are made from long-lasting steel. These fittings are available in multiple sizes, including half-body to half-NPT (national pipe thread) and half-body to ¾ NPT. Quick connects are especially helpful when adding multiple attachments to a machine.